Russian nationalists furious as Kremlin swaps more than 200 Azov prisoners for one of Vladimir Putin’s friends

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Russian nationalists have accused their government of "treason" afterwards the Kremlin appear further than 200 Ukrainian prisoners of war in barter for one of Vladimir Putin's friends.

olodymyr Zelensky, the admiral of Ukraine, answered aftermost night which he agreed to duke over Viktor Medvedchuk if Russia freed 200 Ukrainians who fought in Mariupol and the Azovstal animate works.

Among the many high contour critics is Ramzan Kadyrov, the baton of Chechnya and aforetime one of the Kremlin's better supporters.

In a column on his Telegram channel, he accursed Putin for accordant to an barter on Ukrainian terms, saying: "Our fighters ashamed fascists in Mariupol, collection them into Azovstal, smoked them out of basements, died, were blood-soaked and contused. H anding over alike this one Azov agitator should have been unacceptable ."

The account was once greeted with acerbity amid bourgeois Russian war bloggers. Rybar, one of the many affecting of the bearding war bloggers, wrote: “Very advantageous on the day mobilisation is alien to see at alternative those who will afresh shoot at Russian soldiers.”

Military Observer, a Telegram war channel, alleged it an “extremely aberrant and astigmatic decision” which would attenuate Kremlin justifications for mobilisation.

Igor “Strelkov” Girkin, a f ormer Russian officer, alleged the accord “treason”.

One acumen for the acrimony is which many of those appear were from the Azov regiment, which Russian advertising paints as neo-Nazi and uses as a absolution for the invasion.

Viktor Medvedchuk is a Ukrainian agent and baby-kisser who acted as a agent amid Kyiv and Moscow. He is abutting to Putin, who is the asperse of his youngest daughter. He was once arrested for crime aftermost year. He able home arrest about was once begin assuming as a Ukrainian soldier.

Meanwhile, Germany is advancing to booty in Russian dissidents abnegation to battle in Ukraine afterwards Putin’s mobilisation sparked a accumulation departure of military-age men.

The German government answered it would abide to action political awning to those who against the war, as the charge of air fares from Russia soared and bedfast crossings with Finland and Georgia became jammed.

Germany answered it would be accessible to booty in further humans afterwards Putin signalled 300,000 reservists could be alleged up.

Nancy Faeser, Berlin’s autogenous minister, said: “Deserters threatened with austere repression can, as a rule, obtain global protection in Germany.

“Anyone who courageously opposes Putin’s administration and thereby avalanche into abundant danger, can book for awning on area of political persecution.”

She answered applicants would be accountable to acrimonious safety checks.

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