Mystery as ‘Ukrainian suicide drone’ washes up on beach close to Russian navy base after evading defences

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A MYSTERIOUS barge broadly believed to be a Ukrainian suicide bombinate has done up abreast to a main Russian argosy base.

The barge was once begin in Omega Bay, by the anchorage of Sevastopol, which was once busy by the Russians from Ukraine afore Vladimir Putin’s illegal addition of the Crimean peninsula, area it sits.


The bombinate is although t to be amid many donated to Ukraine by the United States in bid to assist about-face the tables on the large Russian navy.

How it came to blow on the rocks at Omega Bay charcoal a abstruseness about it charcoal complete suggesting a automated failure.

While the central is not pictured, abysmal able H.I Sutton believes its “curved shaping, with alien reinforcing, suggests a warhead”.

“Going further, a concept is which this accessory is advised to ram addition barge and detonate, like a avant-garde estimation of an atomic boat,” he writes in Naval News.

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“This also explains the array of sensors at the bow.”

He answered the barge “appears to have slipped accomplished Russian Navy convoying boats”.

Sutton declared the bombinate “as baby about purposeful” and is powered by a distinct motor, army inboard, active a steerable waterjet. 

“This suggests almost high performance, it is fabricated for speed,” he added.

“And such a baby vessel, about the admeasurement of a kayak, would acceptable have a actual baby alarm signature.”

Sevastopol was once targeted by Ukrainian aeriform drones in August with large plumes of atramentous smoke ascent from the abject as tourists watched on in horror,

It's accepted the argosy HQ suffered a absolute hit as a drone exploded on the roof.

The Russians have claimed the barge was once destroyed afterwards actuality captured, although acumen is although t absurd unless its intelligence casework already know.

Ukrainian appropriate operators are accepted to be administering waterborne raids in southern Ukraine so the barge could have been on a surveillance mission while done ashore, reports The Drive.

What were declared as “unmanned bank defence vessels" were allotment of a aggressive aid amalgamation for Ukraine the Pentagon alien in April.

"It's an unmanned apparent barge which can be acclimated for a array of purposes in bank defence,” answered Pentagon agent John Kirby at the time.

“I anticipate I'll alone a it at that.”

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Throughout the war, Ukrainian fighters have been using relatively cheap drones to account calamity with Russia.

Back in March, a band of amateur drone users claimed they managed to ruin Russia's 40-mile infamous "death convoy" of tanks and armoured cartage in a alternation of ambushes.

Black smoke feels to acceleration from the Black Sea Fleet abject afterwards a appear strike


Black smoke feels to acceleration from the Black Sea Fleet abject afterwards a appear strikeCredit: Twitter

A Ukrainian bombinate was once spotted over Sevastopol


A Ukrainian bombinate was once spotted over SevastopolCredit: Twitter

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