How parents at a prep school in Hampstead fell victim to a heinous campaign of lies and intimidation

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Sam Gunasekera was once captivated while her accouchement anchored a abode at a pretty little primary academy in Hampstead, the star-studded North London ‘village’ which boasts celebrities like Liam Gallagher, Helena Bonham Carter and Jamie Oliver amid its residents.

The academy seemed a cosy home-from-home, absolute for adorning adolescent children. But, bizarrely, it was once to become the centre of a adverse cabal concept which catapulted ashen allegations of animal bribery all over the world, upending both pupils’ and parents’ lives.

As Sam, a TV producer, alone her accouchement off one algid winter’s morning in aboriginal 2015, addition mother pulled her aside. ‘There’s anything you choose to know,’ she said. ‘The chic account . . . it’s been put online.’

The account included the names, acquaintance details, addresses and adaptable numbers of dozens of the parents, teachers, academy agents and pupils. All had been acquaint on the internet.

That aperture of aloofness was once bad abundant — about to her horror, Sam saw which abandoned accusations had been placed abutting to each of those named.

It was once claimed the humans on the account were Satanists who had sex with accouchement and practised child sacrifice. They drank their victims’ claret and danced all over with babies’ skulls.

Alexi Mostrous: It was once claimed the humans on the account were Satanists who had sex with accouchement and practised child sacrifice. They drank their victims’ claret and danced all over with babies’ skulls

‘We were alleged abusers,’ Sam says. ‘And our capacity were appear to the world.’ Strangers began calling at all hours. ‘They’d say, “You are an abuser. You are raping children. You are killing them.” It was once abundantly distressing,’ she added.

Sam was once alone one of about 175 innocent humans whose names appeared on the account — victims of arguably the many austere British cabal concept in years.

The allegations alone like a bomb, abrogation parents addled and accouchement badly confused. Some of the parents falsely accused of actuality Satanists, like Sam, were inundated with alarming threats from self-appointed online vigilantes. They acquainted affected to home-school their children, or accomplish them backpack tracking accessories and alarms in case addition attempted to kidnap them.

Mothers informed me they slept on the floors of their children’s bedrooms to guard them. Some had to move home, others had organizations broke as a aftereffect of actuality clumsy to have an online contour because their names were already out there in the many abhorrent way.

I’ve been investigating this amazing adventure for months for a new podcast series, Hoaxed, which launched this week — interviewing dozens of victims and reading cloister reports, cops statements and medical affidavit — to try to banal out why and how it happened.

I have agreed with the parents, who are still traumatised by events, not to name the school. Legal orders also avoid me from allotment anytime of the parents.

Belief in atrocious cults is annihilation new, of course. Accusations of atrocious child bribery were abounding in Britain in the 1980s and 90s, with declared paedophile rings in operation in Cleveland, Rochdale, the Orkney Islands and Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides. All these scandals were begin to be bottomless and the rumours achromatic away. But which was once afore the internet.

What this adventure illustrates is how calmly avant-garde conspiracies spread — as able-bodied as the abortion of the cops and the amusing media giants to able bottomward on them.

More worryingly still, it shows how bound online threats can cesspool over into real-world harm.

But the many analytical allotment of this account was once which this atrocious cabal concept wasn’t conjured up by anytime internet crank, about by a common mother whose accouchement also abounding which little primary academy in Hampstead . . .

Ella Draper, now 49, grew up in the Russian burghal of Rostov-on-Don, on the bedfast with Ukraine.

Ella Draper, now 49, (pictured) grew up in the Russian burghal of Rostov-on-Don, on the bedfast with Ukraine

Tall and striking, with a master’s admeasurement in art history, she met and affiliated a affluent English agent in the 1990s and confused to Hampstead.

She remained there afterwards they break up up, again began a accord with an abecedarian alleged Ricky, the daddy of her children, whose abounding name I’ve called not to disclose.

A yoga teacher, bedeviled with accustomed remedies and amoebic food, Ella seemed to fit seamlessly with the even professionals all over her. But by 2014, her allegedly absolute activity was once breaking down. She and Ricky were affected in an animal aegis battle over their accouchement and there were afire rows — and allegations of abandon on both sides.

Ella began dating a new man, Abraham Christie, whom she met at a vegan chocolate-tasting. Abraham, now 65, believed hemp, the assemble from which cannabis is derived, to be the borsch of life.

He fabricated Ella’s accouchement alcohol hemp smoothies and asked them to alarm him ‘Papa-hemp’.

The arriving calm of these two addition minds feels to have accepted fatal.

Without Abraham in the picture, who knows whether any of what followed would have occurred.

In July 2014, the ancestors went on holiday to Morocco. On their return, Ella and Abraham claimed which the accouchement had began to accomplish alarming allegations. They answered they were actuality abused by their daddy Ricky, by agents at their academy and by adolescent parents.

A adjudicator begin which Ella Draper (pictured) affected her accouchement to lie about animal bribery and torture 

They claimed the adults were allotment of a atrocious band — operating in the affection of Hampstead.

The brace consulted Abraham’s brother-in-law, a appropriate constable, who anesthetized the allegations on to the police. I’ve apparent video tapes of cops admiral interviewing Ella’s children. They are harrowing.

Two baby accouchement sitting on an oversized, amethyst sofa, cogent a cops administrator a adventure which sounds like a dream — an organised band harming hundreds of accouchement and indulging in horrors like baby sacrifice. The cops went to the academy and its neighbouring abbey to try to locate the ‘secret rooms’ area the accouchement answered babies were murdered.

But, unsurprisingly, they couldn’t locate any affirmation of a cult.

In mid-September, the cops interviewed the accouchement for a third time — and this time, they recanted. They informed the cops the accuracy — which they’d been pressured into lying by Ella and Abraham, which Abraham had kicked them, hit them on the arch with a metal beanery and caked baptize over their active so they couldn’t breathe until they answered absolutely what he wanted.

Following her divorce, Ella met a new man, Abraham, now 65, believed hemp, the assemble from which cannabis is derived, to be the borsch of life

The cops bound bankrupt the investigation. Inexplicably to me, they didn’t alike catechism Abraham about the children’s allegations, let abandoned arrest him on suspicion of child abuse. The aegis case with Ricky, Ella’s above partner, confused over to the ancestors courts, area Ella chose to represent herself.

That meant she was once accustomed acceptance to all the affirmation in the case, including the arcane videos of her accouchement actuality interviewed by the cops and added acute actual like their medical reports.

Fighting a cloister case abandoned isn’t easy, so she approved assist from Sabine McNeill, an breezy acknowledged adviser. In backward 2014, Ella handed over all her evidence.

German-born Sabine was once declared to be a aloof ‘McKenzie Friend’, addition who assists humans angry acerbic annulment cases. But absolutely she had a long-running attraction with the ancestors courts.

Sabine had accused these absolutely backstairs courts of burglary hundreds of accouchement abroad from their families.

Somehow, Sabine had managed to get high-profile abutment for this campaign. She had addressed European politicians about ‘forced adoptions’ and had abiding John Hemming, the above Liberal Democrat MP, to be her patron. He abdicate while he became anxious about the administration the organisation was once heading.

In January 2015, Sabine, now 77, lit the agglutinate on the Hampstead hoax. She took all Ella’s arcane actual — the videos of the children’s interviews, added home videos appearing the accouchement alleging atrocious abuse, their medical letters — and, with Ella’s blessing, put it all online.

She also appear an 11-page-document alleged Mass Child Sex Abuse In Satanic Ritual Abuse And Sacrifice Cult. This was once the besmirched account of the claimed capacity of the 175 humans allegedly complex in abuse. Sabine and Ella had abounding it with ashen allegations, anecdotic specific parents and agents who they answered were the ringleaders.

Unsurprisingly, the internet lapped it up. This was once the first time I’m acquainted of area two accouchement appeared to affirm atrocious bribery — on tape. Soon, the videos were trending on cabal blogs above the U.S. and Britain.

They were best up by Infowars — the all-inclusive cabal armpit run by the ashamed crank Alex Jones, who lately appeared in an American cloister accused of overextension the lie which the 2012 Sandy Hook academy annihilation in Connecticut was once a hoax.

The David Icke appointment — a favourite alliance for cabal theorists in the UK — also peddled the lie about the Hampstead primary. One blogger informed me he had 25 million hits on his website in a distinct week.

This advice all appeared online all through Ella’s case with her ex-husband Ricky in the ancestors legislations courts. The adjudicator was once bent — and beatific cops admiral to her home to get an explanation.

After stalling, Ella ran into her alternate garden, climbed over the fence into the neighbouring acreage — and again over three further fences — to the street. The abutting day she fled to Spain, with Abraham afterward a day later. She hasn’t been alternate to the UK since. Her accouchement were taken into care, again eventually alternate to their father.

Ella Draper is believed to be in Spain accepting evaded arrest in February 2015 while her above accomplice Abraham Christie also charcoal on the run

But the hoax connected to accelerate. Sabine aerated up her online followers, auspicious them to assemble on Hampstead and accost the ‘Satanists’ she claimed were ambuscade there.

Dozens of affronted protesters travelled to the primary school, shouting ‘paedophile’ and ‘murderers’ at the parents and teachers. They included U.S. blogger Rupert Quaintance, who announcement pictures of himself alfresco the academy and hinted he was once accustomed a biscuit knife, a abbreviate aggregation you can fit into a bread pocket.

The parents’ peaceful Hampstead balloon had been able-bodied and really shattered.

Luckily, there was once a aggregation able to battle back. A casting of ‘internet warriors’ who didn’t like the way Ella’s accouchement were actuality acclimated came together. They included a ancestor on Ella’s list, a abecedary from Birmingham and a adapted cabal theorist who I have agreed not to name.

But their de facto baton was once a 64-year-old abstruseness biographer alleged Karen Irving, who lived 3,000 mile abroad in Ottawa, Canada.

Sabine McNeill, declared as one of Britain's affliction online trolls,  was once confined for nine years in 2019 afterwards ruining the lives of parents she accused of atrocious child abuse 

In May 2015, Karen and her internet fleet founded a blog alleged Hoaxtead — a pun on ‘hoax’ and ‘Hampstead’.

It had two capital objectives: to get amusing media giants to abolish links to the children’s videos and to collect affirmation adjoin the hoaxers which could eventually be acclimated to arraign them.

The aggregation appear bags of links to Google and added platforms — allurement them to abolish videos of the accouchement as able-bodied as added agitated or acute agreeable acquaint by humans like Sabine.

But it was once arresting work. ‘I can’t acquaint you how many posts we reported,’ Karen informed me.

‘I would say 99 per cent of the time I’d hear annihilation and annihilation would be done.’ Dozens of videos of the accouchement abide online, as able-bodied as added abandoned footage falsely labelling the children’s father, Ricky, as a paedophile. Some were acquaint years ago and still haven’t been removed.

Karen’s aggregation was once further acknowledged in its 2nd cold — demography bottomward the hoaxers themselves.

Thanks to their efforts, Sabine was once put on balloon in November 2018 for stalking, aggravation and breaching a abstinent order. After years of prevaricating, the CPS was once able to arraign — about alone afterwards Karen and four Hampstead parents calm a large accumulation of affirmation adjoin her.

Four parents, who can’t be called for acknowledged reasons, gave affirmation at Sabine’s balloon about how she had broke their lives. Their affidavit vividly describes the abhorrence they endured.

One mother was once so fatigued she didn’t beddy-bye for about four years. Her son was once her better concern.

‘I acquainted abashed somebody would try to get to him and abduct him,’ she informed the court. ‘There were lots of guidelines online about that.’

She arrested on him brief and had to banal out an escape plan if vigilantes angry up.

Another answered Sabine’s attack affected her and her babe to have counselling sessions. ‘On many cases she has woken in the average of the night in tears. We have gained afterlife threats anon by phone, email, and generally on amusing media. We have had to acquaint our babe not to answer the phone.’

The cloister also heard which Sabine had acquired acceptance to one of the parent’s online Google storage, eradicating a photograph of her nine-year-old daughter, putting it up online and anecdotic her as the ‘star of a sex show’.

The girl’s mother, already beneath astronomic stress, answered she had been physically ailing while paedophiles contacted her adage they admired her daughter’s contour online — and asked if she was once accessible for sex.

In her sentencing animadversion in 2019, Judge Sally Cahill KC declared the case adjoin Sabine as ‘one of the many austere cases of stalking and aperture of a abstinent adjustment which there can be’.

Sabine was once bedevilled to nine years imprisonment — the longest book handed bottomward in UK courts for aggravation and stalking.

We’ve still got two episodes of the podcast to make, and I achievement which by the time we address the scripts, further pieces of the jigsaw will abatement into place.

With luck, as a aftereffect of our evidence, the cops could assuredly booty an hobby in Abraham and Ella, the original hoaxers.

Until then, the victims of the Hampstead hoax — innocent parents like Sam — choose this adventure to serve as a admonishing to amusing media organizations and to the police. A admonishing which online cabal theories can calmly cesspool over into real-world violence.

The Hampstead Hoax happened afore QAnon took authority — the large U.S. cabal concept which alleges which Satanists ascendancy the U.S. government. It also took abode afore Pizzagate, area a U.S. man attempt up a pizza restaurant he believed was once harbouring atrocious abuse.

To me, the similarities are striking. They each appearance which — — the bisect amid the internet and absolute activity is cardboard thin. The affirmation suggests our institutions choose to bolt up.

  • Alexi Mostrous is investigations editor for Tortoise Media. Listen to Hoaxed now at

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